kitchen coffee bar storage and home decor products
We have all at some point taken time brewing and drinking coffee or tea at home. However, most of us does it in a not so pretty crowed kitchen counter space. This not only makes it hard in busy mornings but also not pleasing to the eye.

Little design inspiration and items can change things up and optimize your daily lifestyle. Whether that’s through embracing any free wall space for little decorative touches with shelves to little green life planters. These small touches will make a big impact on your small space. Both functional and decorative.

Read on to check out our favorite coffee bar must have items

Item #1 : Free Wall Space Storage Shelf

floating shelf

Most coffee bar areas have limited storage space, making it hard to look good to the eye. But do you have a free wall or corner area? Great! This can be the ultimate solution as you can embrace any free wall area to mount a floating shelf and maintain neatly in place your grinder, coffee beans, cups and more!

 Item #2: Coffee Cup Hanging Rack 

set of 2 cup holder storage rack

What is a coffee bar without cups? But too much mugs can make your already limited space more crowded. Now, this can easily be solved by hanging some eye-catching racks with hooks to your wall. Choose items such as this one to give extra organizing shelf, and allows you to place them together or apart. 

Item #3 : Syrup Bottle Caddy

syrup bottle holder

If you love your lattes, cappuccinos, and milky coffees sweet, you’ll want to have different types of syrups at hand. But where to keep them? Instead of keeping them in a cabinet, display them on near your coffee machine on its own dedicated rack. This specific rack stores up to 3 bottles, with a napkin holder at the front to boost.

Item #4 : Coffee Pod Storage Drawer 

coffee pod holder, nespresso, capsule

Many of us will most likely own a Nespresso or coffee pod machine with a variety of different flavor pods. So, having a way to maintain them with great accessibility is a must.

Classify them by flavors, types and more into a pods rack where it can be seen easily through the transparent frame and drawer system.

Item #5 : Freestanding Tabletop Shelf Tray 

storage organizer

Add a portable freestanding 2 tier tray on your coffee nook. Not only helps maintaining your area uncluttered but easier to find.

It has never been easier to keep sugar, coffee ground, spices, teas, and other essential items in one place.

Item #6 : Teabag Collection Drawer for Tea Lovers  

tea storage drawer

Different people have different preferences. Some of us love a good cup of tea on a cold weather and having in stock many types of teabags. An easy way to keep your favorite teas by flavors is by getting a small drawer type storage box. Not only gives you the option for neatly organizing them but also gives you a decorative element on your coffee station.

 Item #7 : Bring Some Greenery to Your Station


Add an organic element to your coffee nook with your favorite plants. Showcase them in an elegant planter pots, small enough to not take too much space.