Home Decor Items That Every Mother Loves

It is one of the most beautiful days of the year, Mother's Day. Shopping for the perfect gift while taking in the beautiful springtime weather. (Excited) Shopping for the perfect gift can be both affordable and affordable.

Are you stressed out trying to find the perfect Mother's Day gift? Every mother loves home decor items, and every mother deserves to have these home decor items, especially on Mother's Day.

Jack Cube Design offers amazing modern home decor and design products for beautiful homes. Whether it is table runner ideas to bring a pop of color and pattern to her table or bathroom rug ideas for the bathroom, here are, three design finds for mom.

Home Decor Gifts

Whether you need a present for your mother, your mother-in-law, or a friend like a mom to you, Jack Cube Design has something perfect that she'll love.

Our products are designed with a modern, minimalist style in mind. All of our items are beautiful and functional, and they include everything your mom needs to stay organized and keep her home neat. Check out these home decor gifts ideas below:

1. Wooden Ergonomic Double Step Foot Rest

Does your mom work from home? Does she spend a significant amount of time working at a desk? If so, then this double step footrest is just what your mom needs! The wooden ergonomic footrest has an angle of 13 degrees and an optimal height of 9.25 inches, which helps reduce leg swelling and rest comfortably for both children and adults.

The top of the bottom step footrest features an anti-slip texture layer that helps keep your feet from slipping. This footrest helps reduce fatigue and stress on leg and feet muscles, and it additionally helps with your seating posture and helps relieve back and neck pain. It is made of high-quality natural wood and has a smooth, finished elegant design.


2. Set of 3 Black Wall Wire Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

Does your mom need a product to organize and display your collectibles, books, plants and many other ornaments throughout the house? These rustic wood floating shelves are a set of three and are the perfect solution to beautify a home. This product has a unique black steel frame and a high-quality wooden base accentuating any room.

Maximize space by adding additional shelving space for all your books, collectibles, plants, photos, etc. This way, it will help de-clutter and organize your house and space. Depending on your style, space, and preference, these three decorative floating shelves of different sizes can be placed separately or together.

The shelves are classic, high-quality wood boards, and modern black metal brackets, creating a unique design that fits European modern or rustic home style. The brackets are made of strong steel with a high-quality wood shelf that makes them perfect for holding up heavy items.


3. Large Shadow Box Display Case with Linen Back

Are you trying to find a creative gift for your mother? You can never go wrong with home decor! The shadow box frame is one of the essential home decor items that every mother loves. It's also known as a memory box or keepsake box, and it's used for storing and displaying keepsakes, memorabilia, and collectibles.

You can design the interior of a shadow box however you like. Inside the frame is a red linen cloth with the included pins, and you can arrange a personalized collage with photos, cards, concert tickets, medals, dried flowers, handicrafts, etc. If you are looking for the perfect way for your mom to share her most cherished moments and memorabilia, this is it.

A clear acrylic lid front allows for easy viewing of contents, keeping mementos of precious memorabilia safe and visible. The magnetic door design is very convenient to open and close, allowing for easy updating to your display as often as you want. Whitewashed wood finish gives the shadow box a rustic and vintage look, a great match or addition to any home decor.