Five Pro Tips to Buy an Aesthetic Jewelry Organizer on a Budget!

Are you a jewelry organizer lover and you want to keep your collection safe and organized in appealing style? Do you want to upsurge the exquisiteness of your interior with a stylish yet economic jewelry organizer? If yes, then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you some proven tips to buy your dream jewelry organizer. You know that nothing is worse than a tangled necklaces or missing earrings when you’re rushing to get dressed?

wall mount rustic vintage jewelry organizer

Organizing your jewelry does not only saves your precious time but also protects your ornaments, extending their lifespan. But the question is, how to choose the right jewelry organizer while there is a whole lot of different jewelry organizers in the market? Although the selection of the best organizer may be tricky but when you know about the practical usage and aesthetics of your chosen organizer, life gets easier.

We are here to help you chose one of the best suited jewelry organizers based on your interior and your needs! We are going to discuss what you need to consider before you buy a jewelry organizer. Let’s take a look at these top-notch tips from experts to buy your dream jewelry organizer and that's also in very attractive price!


1. Aesthetics

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this holds true for your jewelry organizer as well. Before you buy a jewelry organizer, consider your own style. Do you want something contemporary or antique? Will it take arrogance of place in your room and be a visible element in your interior? Or, will it inaudibly hold your jewelry in your closet or beside the door? If the earlier, then consider the general interior decoration of your room. Keep in mind the practical aspects such as, color scheme, and space in your room. Choose the item that will complement your general décor and fit in with the extent of your other stuff.


2. Take Stock of All Your Pieces

One thing is certain that Jewelry collections grows. No one wants to stop adding item to their dynamic, and ever-growing collection. Sometimes, you may not even know how big collection you have, until you take stock of all your collection. But you must consider your stock before you decide on the type of jewelry organizer you require.

Pick one that is large enough to house your collection. Also, consider the speed at which your collection is increasing.  No one wants to buy another organizer right away, so choose one that is satisfactorily efficient and spacious. Buying an organizer that comes with multiple sections and partitions will make it easy for you to categorize and safely store your valuables.


3. Make a Note of Your Collections

You need to factor in your jewelry collection before buying an organizer.
when you make a note of your jewelry, ask yourself questions like, “Are there lots of earrings of all sizes and shapes? Do you love statement necklaces? Or is it rings that make up the majority of your jewels? Categorizing the type of jewelry, you have will empowers you to choose an organizer pitched towards that particular type of collection. What use is there in buying a jewelry box with lots of necklace slots if you don’t wear necklaces?


4. Is your jewelry protected?

A jewelry box is not only meant to organize your jewelry, but it also keeps your ornaments safe. Before buying the organizer, make sure that it is not made of material that may scratch or harm your jewelry. Most jewelry organizers are veneered with lavish coating to keep jewelry safe and moisture free. If you have a padded jewelry box, you have an extra protection from damage. The most reasonably priced varieties of jewelry organizers come in fabric and plastic options. These may not offer you the same level of safety as jewelry boxes but still offer more protection than some varieties (such as open wall-mount jewelry organizers). These are well-matched for regalia jewelry and low-priced items as they only display the jewelry but do not offer much in the way of safe-guarding your items.


5. Price

In many cases, spending more doesn’t essentially mean that you get a better product. You can always buy a jewelry organizer to suit your budget as long as you believe that the quality of the product is not compromised. You can buy a gorgeous handcrafted exclusively made jewelry box for a whopping tag over $80000 but the thing is does it really fit in your room?  Don’t worry because you can buy an excellent jewelry organizer for under $ 50 and this will keep your items safe and look aesthetically amazing too. Buying a high-quality item doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a bag full of bucks, you can find jewelry organizers for under $20 if you are on a budget.