Inspiration Items to Add to Your Home Decorations that Calls Out to Spring Season

The season that brings warmth, coziness as well as new beginnings is just around the corner. Its time to say bye to the cold winter and celebratory decorations and welcome the new start that comes with love, hope and growth. And what better way to do it than by changing your house decorations and design!

If in winter, the home decorative centerpiece is the Christmas tree then for Spring it is none other than the beautiful plants and colorful flowers that brightens any space. So, here we give you some of our favorite items that blends beautifully with the calm yet blooming Spring.

  1. Elegant Golden Hanging Planter

Any flowers will look more gorgeous once showcased on the perfect pot. With this gold hanging planter not only will complement any flower but it will also add some sophisticated elegance to your room.


  1. Ambient Lighting for your Bedroom

Hang some of your favorite lights on this set of 2 wood bracket shelf to give your bedroom some unique accent look. Not only can it be used for lighting but also to hang plant pots.


  1. Rustic Minimal Key Holder

Add some vintage charm that helps highlight your home design for a new season. The set of 4 key holder helps bring your creativeness out, as you can play around and install them in your desired sequence and position.


  1. Paint Bottle Holder Rack & Portable Outdoor Easel Box

New beginnings must start by cleaning and organizing your space. With the flowers growing outside with the warm sun and wind breezing by, it makes it ideal for painting season. For this reason, we recommend our portable easel box that can store all your paints and brushes.

And for those who likes indoor painting more, then organize your acrylic paints neatly on your table using the 3-tier wooden rack. Not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely functional.


  1. Outdoor BBQ Caddy

Spring also calls for outdoor events. Use this bbq caddy to have fun while camping or when having celebratory events on your home garden with families and friends.